FOMS is the Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software developer workshop, run in un-conference style with organized sessions determined by the participants.

It is a meetup of software developers and tinkerers of all stripes who gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies and standards.

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In its 13th year, FOMS is moving from San Francisco to New York to extend its reach to new communities again.

We'd particularly like to encourage open source media software developers to participate to gain further breadth in topics over the two days of this year's conference.

For more information see the Schedule page.


Consider joining the 怎样使用轻蜂加速器上外网 for this and future FOMS events.


Register through Eventbrite.

Then join the foms mailing list and drop us a line about topics you're interested in.

There are also a couple of travel sponsorships available for open source media software developers. Please email the organisers for more information.


LinkedIn? has offered up their beautiful space for us to use in the world famous Empire State Building.

轻蜂加速器破解版? Corporation 350 5th Avenue New York, NY 10118

Details for getting into the building to follow.


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